Lets Get Started

As I mentioned at the beginning, UNFOLLOW.xyz is going to house various tools to help you clean up who you follow on Twitter. Right now I have released the first tool, Tweets without Username, to public use.

Tweets without Username is a tool that helped me get over the FOMO-ish feeling that was not allowing me to do the 100% purge. When I began manually unfollowing people via the Twitter app, I would look at the user and then think back to an awesome Tweet they sent ... three years ago. Since that Tweet I rarely (if ever) interacted with any of their future Tweets, but I kept following the account because they might Tweet another gem and I didn't want to miss out.

So what Tweets without Username does is display the last X Tweets the user has Tweeted WITHOUT giving their username. By doing this it allowed me to actually make a follow vs unfollow decision based upon the quality of their Tweets, not but who voiced the account.

This did (and still does) sound a scary way of managing who you follow on Twitter, but after the first few unfollows that fear goes away.

And alleviate any lingering fear of unfollowing someone (i.e friend, family, etc), the tool does keep a log of all the accounts you unfollow.

For those who are worried about their privacy, this log file is stored as either a COOKIE for 7 days (if your browser allows it) or via session data which is destroyed at the end of your browser session.

Start Tweets without Username